Bazán Martos Abogados shines in advocacy with notable successes in complex legal cases, demonstrating its excellence in intellectual property and consumer rights.

Bazan Martos Law Firm has proven to be a benchmark in the legal world by achieving a number of notable victories for its clients in complex and challenging legal disputes. The following are three successful cases in which the firm was able to protect the interests of its clients and ensure their fair representation in the legal arena.


In this case, the client Calzados Jaguar S.A.C. faced Jaguar Cars Limited, a well-known automobile company from England. The dispute centered on the trademark "Jaguar" in class 25 clothing, which was already registered in favor of Calzados Jaguar S.A.C. Jaguar Cars Limited attempted to register a similar trademark and took legal action, including an application to cancel the trademark "CALZADOS JAGUAR.... AN ALL-TERRAIN FOOTWEAR". However, thanks to the strong defense provided by Estudio Bazán Martos S.A.C., their client's trademark was successfully maintained. This victory highlights the importance of trademark protection and the firm's legal expertise in intellectual property cases.

Caso 2: "DOKY'S" vs. Discovery Communications, LLC

The "DOKY'S" case involved Agroindustria Norperuana S.A. (AGROPSA) and Discovery Communications, LLC. The entertainment company sought to register its cartoon "Dokies" in class 03, but was unable to do so due to AGROPSA's previously registered trademark, "DOKY'S". Discovery Communications, LLC initiated a cancellation action in an attempt to invalidate AGROPSA's trademark, but this action was unsuccessful. Estudio Bazán Martos S.A.C. presented solid evidence of its client's continued use of the trademark "DOKY'S", which ensured the protection of its intellectual property rights.

Caso 3: Pepe Lino Pita Pisfil vs. Importadora y Distribuidora Udenio S.R.L.

Mr. Pepe Lino Pita Pisfil found himself in a challenging situation when he purchased a Nikon camera from Importadora y Distribuidora Udenio S.R.L. The equipment presented repeated malfunctions, which led him to seek technical service on several occasions. After failing to obtain an adequate solution, Pepe Lino denounced the case before INDECOPI. In the first instance, the resolution did not favor Pepe Lino, alleging that the repair complied with the provisions of the Consumer Defense Protection Code. However, in the second instance, thanks to the skillful argumentation of Estudio Bazán Martos S.A.C., it was demonstrated that the consumer's good faith was violated by not adequately resolving the equipment's problems. This victory highlights the importance of defending consumer rights and the firm's legal experience in cases of this nature.

Bazán Martos Abogados has once again demonstrated its ability to protect its clients’ interests in challenging legal cases. The three cases mentioned above highlight the firm’s expertise and commitment in areas such as intellectual property and consumer rights protection. These victories not only reinforce the reputation of Estudio Bazán Martos S.A.C. in the legal field, but also send a clear message about the importance of having strong legal representation to ensure justice and the protection of the rights of the parties involved in legal disputes.

Dr. Luiggi Bazán Mesias

Dr. Luiggi Bazán Mesias

Lawyer - Intellectual Property and Consumer Protection Area

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