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Bureaucratic barriers:
Complaints regarding the presence of illegal and unreasonable bureaucratic barriers in the target market, requests for precautionary measures and attendance at conciliations.

Free competition:
Complaints of anti-competitive behavior, abuse of dominant position, monopolies, collusive practices.

Unfair competition:
Complaints regarding acts of deception and/or confusion, undue exploitation of third-party reputation, acts of denigration, espionage and/or business sabotage, infringement of advertising activity principles.

Bankruptcy proceedings, restructuring and liquidation of assets in order to comply with creditors.

Sanitary Registry (DIGESA- DIGEMID), as a service
Sanitary registry (DIGESA – DIGEMID) and operating licenses: We provide legal technical support to obtain the respective sanitary registry for commercializing products for human consumption. We also provide counseling on the corresponding administrative procedures for the operation of premises or factory where such products will be produced and/or commercialized, or where related services will be provided.

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