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This specialty deals with the various acts and legal relationships that arise within individuals, businesses and companies. It also focuses on solving problems of a notarial nature that have patrimonial implications.
Our area of notarial law provides solid advice to individuals on the most appropriate legal means to achieve their civil and patrimonial purposes, coordinating with the services provided by the notary offices for the notarization of documents with due formality so that these are elevated to public deed if necessary and to achieve the objectives outlined by the client.
As part of our service, we emphasize the personalized attention we give to our clients according to the particularities of each case, so that we can offer the best response and timely legal defense in the following situations:

  • Minutes of purchase – sale, donation, lease, usufruct.
  • Minutes of incorporation of companies, associations.
  • Minutes of agreement of lucrative and non lucrative legal entities.
  • Request of intestate succession, Minutes of inheritance advance.