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About us

Bazán Martos Abogados – Attorneys is a Peruvian boutique law firm, recognized nationally and internationally, and specialized in Intellectual Property practice, with four decades of experience covering different areas: trademarks, patents, and copyrights; furthermore, its vast experience as a law firm allows it to face diverse controversies arising in administrative law as well as in judicial litigation.

Currently, our firm, formed by a top-level staff from the most prestigious law schools in the country, has been incorporating key and traditional areas of the legal field: civil, criminal, corporate, among others, while still maintaining the work quality and results efficiency inherent to our boutique law firm. Nonetheless, in order to achieve the innovation that characterizes a firm dedicated to intellectual property, we have created the areas of “Biotechnology and Startups” and “Fashion Law,” with their respective consultancies being so specialized and technical, that we have experts from different fields of study with the purpose of achieving excellence in service to our clients.

Our comprehensive advisory services are not only limited to your home country, as we have several correspondents and external consultants worldwide, who are recognized in major foreign publications, and who, following our Firm’s quality standards, provide effective results in the different processes required abroad.


While the goal of our Law Firm is to provide efficient solutions to our clients’ cases, we believe that our work should not be limited to this alone. Therefore, Bazán Martos Abogados – Attorneys has three main missions: commitment to its clients, commitment to the academic world, and commitment to society.

  • Clients: We owe it to them, because our merits and achievements as a firm would not have been possible without their confidence in our work.
  • Academic world: Encouraging the academic research of our staff leads to clear and straightforward arguments; however, such knowledge cannot be unknown to colleagues, students, and intellectual property enthusiasts. Therefore, via our legal blog, conferences and/or courses, we share new trends in this valuable field, which stands out for its constant innovation.
  • Social support: We believe that our society is plagued by inequalities and large economic gaps; therefore, the duty of every professional is to offer support in their field of study to different social groups that -due to their condition- do not enjoy the appropriate resources to receive a comprehensive legal service, mainly of high quality. In view of this, our firm will venture into the provision of free legal clinics to deal with current injustices, being complemented by pro bono cases, prior coordination, provided completely free of charge to people who unfortunately have been the target of social prejudices and suffered as a consequence of these.

Pillars and Values

The main pillars of our firm are efficiency, transparency, and tenacity, which are reflected in the successful cases where our firm has participated: setting precedents of mandatory compliance, positive comments from different colleagues and/or clients, and in publications on specialized websites.

It all comes down to the fact that as attorneys we have a great responsibility towards society, which must be dealt with the best possible predisposition for its development.

Therefore, these pillars are based on the fact that a law firm must exhaust all legal tools -research, thorough study of the case, etc.- to solve a controversy, no matter how complex it may be.

It is worth emphasizing that these pillars are guided by the following values: honesty, respect, justice, equality, loyalty, and responsibility, as these guidelines are evidence of the quality of the people and professionals who are part of our firm and are reflected in the trust placed in us by our clients, whom we consider family and vice versa.