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Currently, the Peruvian justice system is unfortunately alien to the various socio-economic realities we, as a country, have to face. Accessing a quality service (legal defense) is considered a privilege. However, as legal professionals, we have a moral responsibility to our society and, although all work must be remunerated, there are delicate and/or extreme situations (minors in vulnerable situations, state of need, people without the ability to discern, arbitrary dismissal without recognition of benefits, etc.) in which a potential sponsored lacks legal aid.

For this reason, since 1982, BAZAN MARTOS ABOGADOS – ATTORNEYS, in order to contribute to the Peruvian legal system by recovering its ethical recognition and trust, establishes our free service “BAZÁN PRO BONO.” This assistance aims to approach users who seek to access an efficient and quality defense without any cost to people whose economic and/or social situation does not allow it.

Our Firm filters the relevant cases based not only on the facts of the claim but also on the legal aspect of it to provide our maximum expertise in this field. In this way, we will select a case that will be followed in all instances and throughout the whole process, judicial or administrative, and where our Firm will assume all costs.

Gradually, according to the development of the BAZAN PRO BONO service, we will include more annual cases and the implementation of a free legal consultation in a key location. PLEASE BE AWARE OF OUR NEWS!

For more information and/or to send your cases for evaluation, please send us an email to