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° Trademarks

A trademark is a title granting an exclusive right to use a sign that identifies a product or service in the market. The trademark is your main business asset as it differentiates your product or service from others on the market, and at best will create strong customer fidelity. Protecting your brand should be a priority within your business strategy.

Our services: a comprehensive consultation process, registration and renewal of your brand`s protection, monitoring after registration is completed.

°Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Design

Patents: With a patent it is possible to protect your invention to the market, i.e. an innovative and creative concept that resolves or simplifies a necessity or a problem. The patent will allow you or your company to have the exclusive rights of use of his product, accessory or mechanism.

Our services: a comprehensive consultation process, including a registration feasibility report prior to the submission of the application, thereby reducing the risk of opposition and denial of the application. Registration and renewal of the patent.


Utility Models: The registration of a utility model permits you to protect and be the owner of the exclusive rights for an improved version of an already existing product or service.

Our services: a comprehensive consultation process, registration, and renewal of your exclusive rights.


Industrial Designs: Development of an innovative design for industrial or practical use.

Our services: a comprehensive consultation process, registration to protect your design, renewal of the registration.


° Copyright

Nowadays copyright violations are a new threat to artistic works is piracy which leads to considerable losses for any creators and companies.

Our services: a comprehensive consultation process, feasibility reports prior to submission of the application to reduce the risk of opposition to or denial of the application, application process and registration. Renewal of copyright.

We cover:

  • Literary works
  • Artistic works
  • Software registration
  • Agreements on Cessation of Intellectual Property


° Legal Advice to Indecopi, Tax Policy and the Judiciary

We provide advice on cases of opposition and their pursuit in the registry of trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs and copyrights.

  • File complaints for violation of rights relating to trademarks, patents, copyright, unfair competition and consumer rights.
  • Take action for annulment and cancellation of registration of trademarks due to non-use or inappropriate use and other intellectual property records.
  • File recourses in administrative litigation and administrative claims before the Judiciary.
  • Request border measures in customs, preventing the entry to the domestic market of products using rights which are protected in favor of third parties without the owner’s consent.


° Country of Origin

This one uses the name of a region or geographical section to designate and protect a product distinguished according to special characteristics derived essentially from the geographical environment in which it is made, considering natural, climate-related and human factors.


° Supplementary Services

We advise on and process the following:

  • Medical registration and renewals
  • Bar Code
  • Company incorporation, as well as adaptation to domestic regulations.


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